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김중식 I Kim, Joong-Sik





















[An Artist’s Note]


Life and art are one


The newest art works, which combine a plane canvas and lots of sculpture, produce the feeling of unification between time and space. They are created in order to show that the East and the West, the ancient and the modern are one, and that life and art is also one. Every hour is connected inseparably, and the concept of time that people recognize actually means the change of phenomena. Therefore, time and space is a short moment which is harmonized and perceived in people’s lives and the art, and where you can realize and contemplate it is a paradise.

I studied drawing as a kid. I used to freely imagine and wonder if a god created the sculpture of Agrippa, Arias and Venus, who appear on the ancient Greek mythologies. Finally, at the age of 50, I changed my imaginary world into art pieces using Korean traditional five colors (blue, white, red, black, and yellow). It means that I made the mythologies and tradition from both the East and the West as my art works as I desired and dreamed about for a long time.

These art works are the expression of my Utopia and my ‘eternal’ paradise in my desert-like mind.

Korean’s traditional colors matches with mythical or classic subjects such as a moon-shaped white porcelain and Venus, Moliere and a gourd, Jesus and a Buddhist statue in a sitting position, and so on. I believe that these art works that contain the complex and realistic sculpture on canvas can show people a new world.



[Working Procedure of Kim Joong Sik]


The artist Kim Joong Sik puts Korean paper on a canvas as a background, and then glues tens and hundreds of small potteries and human sculpture.

In order to create the work, he bakes the ceramics and sculpture in a kiln and dries them. And then he pastes each of them on a canvas one by one, and paints Korean traditional five colors. The potteries he utilizes in his art are made using the same materials and the same procedures with the actual pottery. Moreover, the human sculpture which is used in his work is either made of ceramics or Korean paper.

These are the new works of the artist Kim Joong Sik (51) who is popular for his ‘figures of famous paintings drawn with a pottery on canvas’. It is a combination of a canvas, Korean paper and an actual china. Some of the works on a large scale were already exhibited in LeeSeoul Gallery at Seoul Open Art Fair on last May. However, more sophisticated and small works are going to be presented this time.


Kim Joong Sik is the first artist who brought plenty of potteries and sculptures on a plane canvas. The reason of this is that it is very difficult to do the work like him because of the delicacy of the procession.

He sticks small ceramic works one by one on a flat canvas. About 300 potteries and sculptures are put in a 100 canvas in average.


Kim Joong Sik has drawn attention with his pottery work which has figures of famous paintings on it since he came back from his nine years of studying abroad in France since 1985. He gave a birth to the new work after taking great pains for two years in order to vitalize the existing plane work, and combine time and space.


Kim Joong Sik explained that the meaning of his new work is that “it completed by the combination of a plane canvas and much sculpture produces the feeling of the identification of time and space”. Furthermore, he also said that “it is a work which shows that the East and the West, the ancient and the modern are one, and that life and art is also one”.

He tries an encounter of the East and West, and the past and the present through showing Korean traditional potteries with gorgeous colors and characters in the Greek mythologies at the same time. Therefore, Korean paper and linen dyed with Korean traditional colors, and figures in the Greek mythologies are the main materials and subjects of his art piece.

The procedures of the art work are complicated. Plus, they take significant time. This is because all the potteries should be collected and baked all together at once, and they should be attached to the work after pasting hard boards covered with Korean paper on a canvas.

I wasborn1962inGongju Korea.College of Art Choo- Kye

isstudiedPainting attheArts &
to France in1985to studyandstudied attheNationalSchool of Fine Arts
Work activities
10 yearsback to Koreawhilenowwhile workingfull-timeas a writeruntil
International Art Fairandhardworkandisworking ona solo exhibition.
For appending to work
onthepaintedwhetherthenewbakewaredirectly tothemeetingof East and West.




Kim Joong-Sik (1962~)






1985 Completed from Deparment of Fine Arts, Chugye University for the Arts, Seoul, KOREA


1988 Graduated from Deparment of Fine Arts, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, FRANCE




1990 Académie de la Grande Chaumière, Paris, FRANCE








<Solo Exhibition>


2012 Invitation Exhibition [LEE Seoul Gallery, Seoul, KOREA]


2011 Invitation Exhibition [Centum Art Space Gallery, Busan, KOREA]


2011 Invitation Exhibition [Gallery Montmartre, Busan, KOREA]




2010 Invitation Exhibition [Moon Gallery, Hongkong, CHINA]


2010 Invitation Exhibition [Gallery Art Composition, Tokyo, JAPAN]


2009Invitation Exhibition [Philip Kang Gallery, Seoul, KOREA]






<DUO Exhibition>


2011 Kim joong-Sik . Jean-Marie ZACCHI [Gallery Palais de Seoul]




2010 Kim joong-Sik .Hong Sang-Sik [Gallery Lina, Seoul]


2010 Kim Joong-Sik · Kim Myeong-Gon [Gallery So, Seoul]







<Art Fair>


2012 SOAF(Seoul Open Art Fair) 2012 - COEX / Seoul, KOREA)


2011 KIAF(Korea Internatioanl Art Fair) 2011 - COEX,/ Seoul,KOREA


2011 SOAF(Seoul Open Art Fair) 2011- CORX, Seoul, KOREA


2011 Korea Galleries Art Fair 2011- Chung Jark Gallery [COEX, /Seoul ,KOREA]


2010 KIAF(Korea International Art Fair) 2010 - Philip Kang Gallery [COEX, Seoul, KOREA]


2010 Busan Biennale 20


10 [Busan Museum of Art Busan, KOREA]



<International Art Fair>




2011 LA ART SHOW 2011 - Chung Jark Gallery [LA Convention Center]




2010 Invitation Exhibition [Gallery Art Composition, Tokyo, JAPAN]


2010 Art Fair Tokyo 2010 - Gallery Art Composition [Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, JAPAN]


2010 Invitation Exhibition [Moon Gallery, Hongkong, CHINA]










National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, KOREA


Malaysian Embassy, Seoul, KOREA


Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, KOREA


Namsong Art Museum, Gapyeong, KOREA


Samcheok campus of Kangwon National University, Samcheok, KOREA


Tomato Bank Seongnam Brunch, Seongnam, KOREA


Tower Palace, Seoul, KOREA


and more.




Kim Joong Sik



김중식 (1962~)




충남공주 출생























개인전 11회







갤러리 아트컴포지션초대전 [갤러리 아트컴포지션, 도쿄, 일본]




필립강갤러리 초대전 [필립강갤러리, 서울]




매일경제 선정작가 특별전[매일경제신문미디어센터, 서울]




프랑스한국문화원 판화전 [프랑스한국문화원, 파리, 프랑스]




KIAF(한국국제아트페어) - 필립강갤러리 [코엑스, 서울]


AHAF(아시아 탑 갤러리 아트페어) - 필립강갤러리 [신라호텔, 서울]




SOAF(서울오픈아트페어) 2010 - 필립강갤러리 [코엑스, 서울]




화랑미술제 - 필립강갤러리 [벡스코, 부산]









































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