Lee Ikryeol


People in Basel 2017acrylic on canvas 72.7cmX90.9cm


People in Basel 2017acrylic on canvas 72.7cmX90.9cm

Stories of  the big city 2018 acrylic on canvas 72.7cmX90.9cm

Teamwork Red 2017 acrylic on canvas 91cmX116.8cm


Fine Artist , Landscape Designer, Car Racer.

Year Of Birth 1964

1986 Graduated  From Hongik University, College Of Fine Art, Majoring In Painting


Solo exhibition 21times

Full metal city 2019 Coex convention SEOUL

Story of the Systems 2017 K&P Gallery New York USA

Planet development project 2017 Hansae Museum, Busan

Story of the Big city 2017 Gallery Onyou, Seoul

Systems of nature 2017 Art space M, Seoul

People in Art Basel 2016 Gallery 31., Seoul

Phantom of machine the PREQUEL 2016 Gallery Art plaza, Seoul

Systems of Capitalism  2016 Gallery Knot, Seoul

Blue Planet- drawings  2015 Oct. Gallery FM, Seoul

Blue Planet 2015 July Gallery 31, Seoul

Personality vs Sociality 2015 Gallery Heesu, Seoul

Memories of Systems 2014 Gallery Heesu, Seoul

Cityscapes SEOUL 2013 Gallery Heesu, Seoul

Cityscapes NEW YORK 2013 Gallery 153, Seoul

Racing in Art 2011 Myra gallery in Miami, USA

Pray for bad weather 2009 Porsche Center, Seoul

Like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth 2009 Porsche center, Bun-Dang

Accel work 1994 Gallery Kwan-Hoon, Seoul

Machine smoke 1990 Gallery Han-Seon, Seoul

Phantom of machine 1989 Gallery Kwan-Hoon, Seoul

Machine begins 1987 Gallery Batanggol, Seoul


Projected Exhibition

Art Korea- London 2017/2018 Le dame gallery London UK

Hong Kong Conrad hotel Asia Contemporary Art Fair

2015/AUT, 2018 Spr/Aut/ 2019Spr

Miami Scope 2017/ 2018  Miami USA

Basel Scope 2016/2018 Basel Swiss.

Affordable Hong kong & Singapore 2017/2018,

Affordable Hamburg 2017 Hamburg Deuchland

Affordable Battersea 2017 AUT/ 2019 SPR London UK

Affordable Hamstead 2019 London UK

Beyond Limit 2017 Seoul KOREA

Art Jakarta  Indonesia Jakarta 2017/2018

Chelsea Art fair 2016/2017 London Chelsea old town hall UK.

Art Newyork 2017 - Context

Joong-San Art fair 2016 Joongsan China

Hyundai Motor's company invitation group exhibition

Shanghai Art fair 2016 Shanghai China

Art China 2016 Beizing China.

Art China art fair 2016 Beizing China.

Samtan Art Maine 2015.

Seoul Lotte hotel Asia Contemporary Art Fair 2014.

Exhibition Of Young Artists(The National Museum Of Modern Art) 1989

And other 250 Group exhibitions in KOREA or Forign.


Collected by,

Korea Car Racing Association, SBS INJE International Circuit

Samhwa paper co, NEXZEN co, Chemicos co. Faber-Catell Korea



E-mail :

phone: +82-10-8541-0355



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